Friday, 11 March 2011

Permission to write

Yesterday was a STORMING day for me, creatively. It was wonderful.

I gave myself permission to spend the whole day writing. Writing MY stuff, I mean, not corporate stuff for other people. Sounds simple, eh? Not simple for someone with the Dreaded Puritan Work Ethic.

I've had a frustrating and stressful week so far. I feel churlish even mentioning it because there's stress and there's stress and on a global scale, my stress is derisory. However much I castigate myself for this it's no good, it can sometimes do my head in. Here I was on Wednesday:

(Excluding the cigarettes which I just noticed) It was madness. I was getting ill with it all.

Common sense prevailed on Thursday.

I abandoned all my paid, career-enhancing projects and JUST WROTE.

I finished my screenplay. I wrote another two chapters of the novel. It was quite extraordinary. I'm now re-thinking my strategy of spending part of the day on Work Work and part of the day on Me Stuff. It really isn't successful. I'm going to try allotting whole days to one or the other.

The question I ask myself is 'Can you do it?' My answer: