Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Between the wish and the thing life lies waiting

I always seem to be waiting for something, often many things.

At the moment I have a list (yeah, yeah, me and my stupid lists)

I'm waiting for:
  • A publisher to pass judgement on a picture book for infants
  • A literary agent to pass judgement on ME as a writer of children's fiction
  • A director and artist to agree to come aboard a film project
  • An iPad interactive story to be completed
  • A DVD of the film Damage to be produced
  • A producer to approve a script re-write

Waiting has its up side - when you're waiting you can still HOPE.

Waiting has its down side - sometimes I'm so busily engaged in the waiting to hear back torture that I forget to function at all and burn a lot of creative energy looking out for the postman or checking my In-Box or picking up the phone to make sure it's still connected.

The silly thing is I'm SURE people don't have to wait for ME...

Except, that is, when I'm so busy waiting for other people that I don't get my work done...