Wednesday, 5 June 2013

We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.

Now THAT'S a solution that makes sense to me, David Mamet. But why stick to a single pie?

I have just been stressed. Yes, hard to believe, I know.

Ridiculous silly little stresses but one piled on top of another so I got flustered and into crazy breathless panic mode.

This is HOW ridiculous:

I have an appointment at midday and quite a bit of work to get done before that. Rufus the puppy just bit through the phone cable in my office (fortunately not the MAINS cable, just the wireless link thingy - technical term.) The downstairs phone went. I ran to answer it. I ran back upstairs. Tried to find a replacement cable for the office phone in Pete's Box of A Thousand Useful Cables. Couldn't. Ran downstairs to get the kitchen phone (on a different wireless network) Ran back upstairs. As I arrived back in the office the (kitchen) phone went. As I answered it, Rufus the puppy peed on the carpet...

And I call that STRESS?

Yes, I know, petty, pathetic, silly. If I didn't run everywhere and remembered to breathe occasionally that would help.

I'm actually a lot better at dealing with circumstances that are MEGA, when getting stressed would be quite understandable.

Just now, looking for a quote about stress and coming across the one about pies made me laugh and WHOOOOOOOOOF...stress vanished.

Now - where's that pie?