Tuesday, 18 June 2013

It's okay to write crap. Just don't try publishing it while it's still crap.

SM Blooding, who said this, lives in Colorado with her pet rock, Rockie. 

In her bio it also says, 'She’s survived hurricanes in a tent, and ditches in winter. She’s sometimes crass, often crude, and almost always blunt.'

 Note to self: make own bio less dull. 

Anyway - about not publishing crap...

I wrote a series of children's stories called Quirky Tales in 2005 or thereabouts.

They were the best I could possibly write. In 2005. 

I didn't try to get them published. Two of them were recorded as audio stories, then taken up by and serialised on Fun Kids, the children's digital radio station. They were well-received. And that didn't translate into sales.

Now I AM trying to get them published - as books. They are by no means crap - however, I have developed as a writer, so I'm now making them the best I can possibly write. In 2013.

It's a temptation to look back and to think 'How COULD I have thought these were good enough?'

It's a temptation I'm resisting.