Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Make heavy weather of: To exaggerate the difficulty of something to be done.

Today, the weather is heavy.

Marguerite Takvorian-Holmes
The sort of weather where it's hard to catch your breath and even the smallest exertion leaves you (me) bathed in unseemly sweat.

(This is England! People from properly humid countries can laugh in a derisory manner. With absolute justification.)

Heavy weather and I'm making heavy weather of everything I'm doing. Even though nothing I'm doing is demanding. I blame the weather. That's just so I take no responsibility for my lethargy MYSELF, see?

This cheered me up, though. I was looking for 'heavy weather quotes' and came across nothing except a book by P.G. Wodehouse - Heavy Weather

And here was the quote:

  “Good God, Clarence! You look like a bereaved tapeworm.” 

P.G. Wodehouse and his figurative speech - an inspiration!