Sunday, 5 May 2013

...there ain't no journey what don't change you some.

David Mitchell, from Cloud Atlas

Incidentally, I was delighted, on the plane to Miami, to see that Cloud Atlas - the movie - was part of the in-flight entertainment. I had been waiting so long to see it.

Don't try to watch this complex film when you are sleep-deprived, over-heated, cramped with no leg-room, viewing a screen that's about six inches square with flickery images and poor sound quality, constantly interrupted by anodyne messages from 'Your Captain.'

That's my review.

Yes, if you didn't read about That Journey, here is your opportunity: A bit of a sense of humour failure

HOWEVER, apart from taking us to a wonderful, magical week with family and friends, the horrors were entirely worthwhile, resulting in a completely unexpected outcome.

We have a lovely, much adored dog called Roly, who's nine years old.

We've had up to three dogs at one time, in the past, but lately, Pete has insisted..."NO MORE DOGS! When Roly's gone, I want a bit of freedom from the tie so we can travel." I was not of the same opinion.

Anyway, about one and three quarter hours into the Passport Control queue at Miami International Airport, Pete suddenly announced, "You know what I've been saying about no more dogs and wanting to travel? I'VE CHANGED MY MIND."


Today, we are off to view a puppy, MY puppy, a fox red Labrador, already named Rufus in my mind.