Monday, 13 May 2013

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, and I say it's all right

All right? Very much all right!

Yesterday - a happy surprise. A very, VERY happy surprise. Someone called Lisa Agosti...someone I don't know (it makes a difference, you see!)...posted that she'd nominated me for a Sunshine Award for my blog - see her full post here, in the comments section (Modesty does not permit...)

So - someone I don't know nominated my blog for an award I didn't even know existed! How cool is that?

Thank you so much, Lisa - and for the contribution to writing you make with your blog The Bank Of Storytellers - bursting with prompts for stuck authors. And I, for one, get stuck A LOT!

So - now I have to carry out a few tasks:

Answer questions (for some reason) - first translating them into English from American. That is to say, adding a U everytime it's been omitted - vis 'favorite color'

Favourite Colour? My hair

Favourite animal? I can't answer this question because I love all animals (except perhaps stick insects)

Favourite number? Any that I don't have to use in a calculation.

Favourite nonalcoholic drink? Fentimans Ginger Beer. Other ginger beers are available (but aren't as good as Fentimans)

Favourite alcoholic drink? After our recent holiday, it has to be a Mojito.

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook - I have friends across the world on there - many of whom I've never met but they're precious to me. Please add Google+ though.

My passions? People, horses, dogs, reading, writing, blogging, Green&Blacks Organic Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt.

Giving or receiving gifts? Giving, every time.

Well, I don't think you know any more about me now, do you?

Musical Interlude:

Now - for my own Sunshine Award nominees: (aside, of course, from Lisa)

Scary Duck: Not Scary. Not a Duck - yes, you've got loads of awards already but only because you deserve them.

Hyperbole and a half - as above, but remains a constant source of amusement and thought-provoking blackness.

Anna Dewis - Tales From My Handbag - love reading your blogs (but do wish you'd use paragraphs!)

Meg Rosoff - I hope you get your blogging muse back soon because I miss you!

The bitter script reader - I like his pragmatic, resigned, ironic common sense.