Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Sheffield, I suppose, could justly claim to be called the ugliest town in the Old World.

How very DARE you, George Orwell! Still, at least that was referring to Sheffield in 1937.

Misty evening in Sheffield, 1937
(Misty evening? That's what the photo is entitled, at any rate - but maybe it was smog? Artistic licence.)

Ugly or not, I'll tell you what - Sheffield people are the salt of the earth, kindness personified. My evidence? See below.

This is Alf and Christine, who visited us for tea today, en route for Eastbourne. A Sussex cream tea in our garden.

They keep an eye on Jane, my sister, who lives in sheltered housing Sheffield - she's bi-polar so life can be a bit of a challenge for her sometimes. 'Keeping an eye' is a very measly phrase for what Alf and Christine do - visiting, shopping, giving lifts, taking to Salvation Army events, inviting round for meals, DIY, and soon - Christine will be taking Jane swimming. They care.Their generosity and Christian love is unconditional.

Jane's a long way away from my home - her own choice. I worry about her. My worry is very much less because there's Alf and Christine. So...

About a million times...

Sheffield - where lovely people live.