Wednesday, 15 May 2013

So much paperwork to read! So much paperwork to push away!

So much paperwork to pretend I haven't received and that might have been eaten by gargoyles.

Now that's an excuse I hadn't thought of, so thanks Terry Pratchett.

Me and paperwork. Main strategy. Ignore it and hope it will go away. (It doesn't. Ever.)

There is some sort of logic to that approach when it's people asking me for money. Bills. Tax returns. The longer the money stays in MY bank the better, when all's said and done.

However, I have had the same strategy when it comes to invoicing for work I've done.

I'm much better than ever I was but when a job's completed, I still have to give myself a good talking to...

I've tried to work out where all this came from.
  • a general fear of or aversion to anything that concerns numbers?
  • that it takes too much time out of my working day and I won't be earning anything while I'm doing it?
  • the belief that I am an artist and therefore should not concern my precious creative mind with anything as sordid as money? 
Fairy Picnic by Gail Schmidt
  • an underlying concern that my work isn't worth paying for?
  • a desire to be popular with everyone - and what better way? 
Some or all of the above depending on my frame of mind.

I can tell you that every one of those thoughts is just that -  A THOUGHT - and meaningless unless I choose to give it credence. So GET LOST, silly thoughts.

I can also tell you that clients find it ANNOYING when I don't invoice on time, rather than a generous act on my part, because it screws up their own carefully calculated cash flow.

SO - if there's anyone out there like me...(or like I USED TO BE, clients please take note!)


Send in those invoices.