Thursday, 30 May 2013

Makin' mistakes ain't a crime, you know.

What's the use of having a reputation if you can't ruin it every now and then? - says Simone Elkeles

I hate making mistakes, but...

I made a mistake yesterday  - a LITTLE mistake of using my initiative which backfired, resulting in a slightly annoyed client and a gentle admonition in an email - completely deserved.

I went straight into self-flagellation mode.
 All the usual thoughts went through my mind. I'm such an idiot. I feel SO embarrassed. What must she think of me? How can I make it better? Shall I phone Interflora and send a bunch of flowers? (Ridiculous over compensation!) Geez, what if she drops me? Hyperventilate, hyperventilate.

Justification, justification. Well, I was only trying to be helpful. At least my upset shows I care...

(Wrong on both counts, at least in part. I was trying to prove I can do everything by myself, which sometimes isn't possible. And, while I DO care, some part of that is caring about ME looking bad.)

Come on Caroline. Let's be rational about this.
  1. The sky didn't fall in.
  2. I admitted what I'd done immediately and took full responsibility for my actions.
  3. I apologised in writing.
  4. I won't make the same mistake again.
I tried to console myself by remembering all those wise words people say, like 'Mistakes are the stepping stones to discovery,' If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything.'

 Didn't help.

Ridiculous woman, me. Wasted an hour or so worrying and unable to produce any worthwhile work.

The very, very BEST thing I could have done? Acknowledged it, accepted responsibility, forgiven myself and said 'This is what I'm doing now...'

By Sam Toft
 Funny (or not) that one of my biggest mistakes is not being very good at moving on from (even little) mistakes.