Sunday, 12 May 2013

No weekend, all weakened.

Toba Beta.  Oh, now I'll have to look him up. WHY can't I just be content to cite names? Curiosity killed the Caroline.

On second thoughts, curiosity actually keeps my brain alive so it's a Good Thing - just rather time-consuming sometimes...

Toba Beta...Indonesian author chappie. Find him here...

Good quote, Toba!

I do love Sundays. My lie-in. Which may be until 8.30ish. I love all the other days, getting up at 6.30 to go to the yard, to be with the horses, but I DO like it on a Sunday at 6.30 - because I inevitably wake up at that time - thinking 'aaaaaah, more time under the duvet.'

I think that people who have what they consider to be 'Real Jobs' - that's to say, of the 9-5 variety, in an office or factory or anywhere that's not at home, possibly involving a frustrating commute - think that the week and the weekend blur into one for people who work from home, like me. For people 'who swan about, pleasing themselves.'

(That quote is an actual quote. Three guesses...)

Actually, the weekends ARE different and I need a break from work routine just as much as anyone else. No clients phone calls or emails (mostly). No guilt feelings if I don't work. A feeling a smug self-righteousness if I DO work...

See, just like a real job.