Sunday, 1 April 2012

Winning isn't always finishing first. Sometimes winning is just finishing.

...and I will add to that quote by the very well known (except by me) Manuel Diotte (who?) - sometimes winning is just finishing with a smile on your face.

See this:

This is the rosette I won with Alfie for coming joint second-to-last in the dressage contest. (The person who came last did the course backwards by mistake!)

I have another similar rosette for coming third-to-last with Poppy.

Here is my prize: (actual size)

I am truly delighted. Both horses made it difficult in their own ways - Alfie by being reluctant to go and Poppy by being so excited that she was an explosion waiting to happen. I got to the end with Alfie (though needed oxygen and if the rosettes were awarded to match the colour of your face then I would have had the red one - first place! - for effort, not embarrassment, by the way) and Poppy didn't explode.

Sometimes, coming nearly last is such an achievement. Well done, Team Caroline!