Monday, 2 April 2012

It doesn't matter where you place in a competition...'s the size and colour of the rosette that's important.

Hello, Poppy speaking. Caroline's a bit tired today after all her exertions yesterday - Alfie and I did laugh at her efforts to make us go - so she asked me to do a guest blog for today. By the way, she took Alfie out on a hack this morning and he showed her how easily he'll move forward in a beautiful shape when he's not in a competition. I could hear her muttering from right across my field.

Here's me:

(I can't help being so pretty)

Anyway, here are my Important Thoughts for the day. Caroline entered both of us into the Best Turnout competition too. Joanna helped her and I thought she did a great job with the baby oil even though, of course, I need very little work because I'm already so gorgeous.

Imagine my disgust when I learned that Alfie had come Third and I only came Fifth. FIFTH! (I know it's hard to believe.) I was in a right strop until I compared our rosettes.

Here is mine (So BIG it wouldn't even fit into the scanner)

How pretty and how pink and girlie! And how BIG.

And here's Alfie's pathetic specimen:

 See what I mean?

SO, I WON OUT IN THE END, ALFIE BOY! (And don't you forget it)

I expect Caroline will be back tomorrow.

Love from me.