Friday, 26 July 2013

Writing is bad for your health

 It's official.

The thing is, there's something inside my brain that murmurs incessantly - "You need coffee to write. It clears your head. Makes you more productive. Staves off the sleepy moments. Come on, Caroline. You know it makes sense."

Okay, so I only have one cup a day.

Today, however, I'm starting a week long Food Doctor diet. (I've been feeling sluggish and achy. Could be the muggy weather. Could be too much caffeine. It surely can't be my time of life?)

Today, the highlight is pumpkin seeds. No coffee. No sugar. No alcohol.

That's another thing. I do like a glass of wine in the evening. The words seem to flow more freely from the recesses of my brain. They sometimes make sense as well.

Interesting experiment of the week:

Will my writing be more fluent or less without alcohol and coffee?

Oh my goodness. Damian Sowers writes, "Choose your drug: alcohol, marijuana, mushrooms… Any one of these will make your writing better" and "Sober writers love to use fancy shit like semicolons. Nobody likes to see a semicolon."

This is worrying; I use semicolons even after the Prosecco.