Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The woman creates a pseudonym and hides behind it like a worm

...was nearly said by...

I've decided to write under a pseudonym and hide behind it like a worm.

The pseudonym I have chosen is J.K.Rowling. It will be wonderful to publish without hype or expectation, and pure pleasure to get feedback under a different name.

Do you think I'll sell many books?

(Of course, once my true identity is revealed, sales will rocket up by more than 507,000%)

I think it will be more successful than my previous bid for anonymity, using an anagram of my name:

Corona Lexicon made me appear just that bit too stuffy and intellectual...

"Reading Girl" by Gustav Adolph Hennig (German, 1797-1869)
So... J.K.Rowling it is.