Tuesday, 9 July 2013

I know I have but the mechanical knowledge of a weak and feeble woman...

...but I have the heart and stomach of a 'king...? (add your own description here)

Expected Scenario Two B

Me: Well, at least I tried.

Peter:'Yes, I expect that's what the captain of the Titanic said just before the ship went under the frozen wastes of the north Atlantic.'

N.B. There was less water in the toilet cistern.

 (In actual fact, an unexpected Scenario Two C pertained, where Peter was marginally impressed with my efforts. One Brownie Point for my little pile.)

Next manly endeavour...you wouldn't THINK it was a manly endeavour, but it WAS to do with cars...

One of the remote door unlocking key thingies (technical term) had ceased to work. I went confidently into Halfords to get a new battery for the fob.

'Oh no, madam, you have to go to a Land Rover Dealer because it may need re-programming.'

Uh? So much for feminine wiles.

I went to The Landrover Man. I couldn't open the door of the reception area. (It had a flip up latch and I was trying to turn and push.)

The man, who watched me struggle for a while before he let me in,  said to his colleague when he heard my key problem, 'Judging by how much trouble she had opening the door to reception, I think you'd better go to her car to check that the key really DOESN'T work.'

Oh how I laughed!


It DID need a new battery.

It DIDN'T need reprogramming.

A small triumph for women everywhere?