Thursday, 11 July 2013

What Wikipedia doesn't tell you about a copywriter's default setting.

Actually, I don't think Wikipedia says ANYTHING about a copywriter's default setting, still less mine,  because I made it up.

In the usual feast or famine way of copywriting, I haven't had much work on, in fact, NO work at all for the past couple of weeks.

Then I get three jobs in the space of twenty four hours...

Jubilation? Not immediately because I looked at the briefs and fell straight into my copywriter default setting.


In that way, I'm very much like Alfie De Horse when confronted by something that alarms him.

There is absolutely no evidence that there is any copywriting job that would be beyond my level of competence.

My clients are always pleased with my work.

They give me more projects.

I am head-hunted.

I've worked with one client for over ten years.

So WHY, in the face of  all this evidence, do I think, even for a micro-second, that I can't do the work?

By way of a footnote, I completed all three projects.

The clients were delighted.