Wednesday, 10 July 2013

5 surprising ways that copywriting is more refreshing than new socks

Do you like the title? Do ya?

The thing is, I didn't think of it. THIS did.
Son Tim, bless his little (old and distinctly unrefreshing) cotton socks, set me a challenge. 'Generate a title then write a blog about it.'

I chose the subject 'copywriting.' I cheated a bit because the first title came up as 'Why Kim Kardashian will never be any good at copywriting.' Apart from knowing nothing about Kim Kardashian except that I'm not interested in knowing anything about Kim Kardashian, I'd rather not be sued. (Who IS she anyway?)

by Zinkai
SO - 5 surprising ways copywriting is more refreshing than new socks?
  1. Copywriting doesn't make your feet sweat (very often)
  2. With copywriting, you don't have to bend down as much
  3. Copywriting refreshes the brain cells that new socks can never reach
  4. Copywriting comes in many shapes but socks are always...well, sock-shaped.
  5. New socks aren't that refreshing anyway
From Flying Buttresses

Thanks, Tim.

Note to self: Don't open anymore of Tim's emails.