Monday, 29 April 2013

Neither I nor the four flippers of the sea-bear of the Boreal ocean have been able to solve the riddle of what it's like to see your film on the big screen.

Comte de Lautréamont almost said this only it was about life.

However, that's what it was like seeing Filth on the big screen yesterday. Surreal.

by Castlepup
Did I enjoy the experience? I can't say I did, exactly. It was NOT that the film wasn't good, it was just that I was kind of paralysed in my head and concentrating on the audience reaction rather than watching the film.

"They should have laughed at that bit. Why didn't they laugh? That bit worked better in the script. Was it my script that wasn't clear enough or the execution? Oh, that bit raised a giggle. Grief, my boy Tim's sitting along the row and the film has degenerated into porn chat...why didn't I think of that before inviting him...aaaaaaaaaaargh..."

For your information, regarding the porn chat...when I set about writing this passage, not gratuitous but crucial to the plot, I hadn't a single CLUE what to say. My sheltered life...

SO...research took the form of going into one of my son's bedrooms (you know who you are!) and lifting up his mattress, where he concealed (ha ha ha) his copies of Barely Legal - a dubious top shelf magazine. I scrunched up my eyes so I didn't have to see the pictures, then took notes from the (raunchy) text. 

The things we do for our art!

Including suffering unnecessarily when I had the amazing chance that so few writers achieve of seeing my work transformed into a film on the big screen!

by Matt Sesow