Wednesday, 17 April 2013

There are as many worlds as there are kinds of days

...said John Steinbeck.

The world I live in has variety. We travel to different places. That doesn't seem out of the ordinary. In fact, it would seem out of the ordinary if we didn't. Aeroplanes? Whatever... like buses, no?

Yet here, in the Dominican Republic, I've met people whose world is different. Part of Breanna's family come from Yellowknife, in the far north of Canada.There are polar bears in Yellowknife. The land of the midnight sun, where Japanese tourists visit to make babies because, in their culture, to conceive under the northern lights is considered to be very lucky. And, you know that programme 'Ice Road Truckers'? - Yellowknife features on it.

So, lovely Great Aunt Reta from Yellowknife, in her seventies, is here for Breanna and Jamie's wedding. She had never seen the ocean...until Monday when she was swimming in the Caribbean.

Another auntie, from Oshawa, Ontario, had never been on a plane. An uncle hadn't taken a holiday in thirty years. And there's us, flitting all over the place like busy mosquitoes, taking bits from here and from there, chewing up and spitting out.

The people we've met are kind, grounded, people. Steady. Not in a hurry to get anywhere fast. Completely cherishing this once in a lifetime experience.

They say travel broadens the mind.

Makes me wonder a little.

There's a whole lot to be said for staying put too being sure of one's roots.