Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Not so cool Caroline Coxon

I mean, you'd think I'd manage to be cool, after all this preparation. Cool in the Caribbean heat, which was about 29 and when we got off the plane it was like jumping into a sauna. Woomph.

Three uncool things about yesterday:

1. I have two bikinis, from way back when we took summer holidays. I brought them with me. "Wear the yellow one," said Pete."My favourite." Ever obedient, I put the bottoms on. The knicker elastic was so perished and stretched that they fell straight off.

2. So I wore the other bikini on the beach. Fortunately lying on my front, there was a per-CHING snapping sound and the back strap fastening flew across the sands. Undignified exit. Safety pins didn't work.

So now I have two half bikinis. The top and bottoms kind of match.

3. On a trip back to the room from the beach to get a bottle of water, I thought I wouldn't bother with the sandals. The walkway was so hot, I ended up running.Well, more hobbling at speed. Fast. Very fast. I now have BLISTERS on the soles of my feet...

So not cool.