Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Too much information will make your brain choke

Yesterday - fuzzy brain, today brain overload.

By Darren James Rae
It's all to do with me networking, or, as I've seen it described, 'notworking.'

Blame, if you will, +Timothy Coxon geek extraordinaire, Google + prophet, who has just been asked to write a paper for the Journal of Research into Interactive Marketing, as a result of another article he wrote about page rankings and online communities.

I'm so very proud of my boy. (Fuzziness of image an exact replication of what my brain sees when he starts speaking to me about techie stuff)

We both work from home. His office a.k.a. bedroom is next to my office a.k.a. Peter's office that I have kidnapped. It's very useful having a live-in IT support person on hand. I don't know how many times a day I bleat 'TIM...my computer just froze!' or 'TIM...I accidentally deleted a file'...or 'TIM...how do you convert pdf to Word?' and he comes trotting through to fix it.

Thing is, he's trying to get me more...I'm not sure how to describe it...more...like him? Engaged in zillions of online communities, building up 'my circles' and taking part in hangouts.

Caroline Coxon understanding of hangout:

I'm sure he's right. I'm sure it's the way forward. I'm sure it's the future.

I just wish my brain wouldn't...

hurt so much.