Saturday, 20 April 2013

I will be the gladdest thing under the sun!

Edna St. Vincent Millay and me. We will.

Working hard on the beach, getting sand-blasted. Nature's own exfoliation, the wind and the sand. One has to suffer for one's sun tan.

Suffering I have been, Caroline Of The Gypsy Skin. Not. Serves me right for saying, "Oh, I NEVER burn." Well, I do in the Dominican Republic.

They don't miss a trick here to make money...a small bottle of sun tan lotion...27 US Dollars.

So instead, I lay with hands folded across my d├ęcolletage by way of protection. Am expecting spectacular lines.

It's not that interesting, sunbathing all day, blog wise, as you will have noticed.

So here are some things I saw...

The Wedding Crasher having her photo taken with another group of strangers. It's sad. Imagine her holiday snaps - a whole album of her beside different people she doesn't know at all. I wonder if she'll make up names for us and little stories about the fun things we did together?

Then the two brilliant rainbow-hued macaws, having their photographs taken while perched on top of people's heads. I do hope they crapped out of revenge for the indignity of it all.

More locals coming up to touch my hair... It's not as though Caribbeans don't have curls, but I guess they don't have tumbling curls like mine - brown and gold in the sunshine, with random streaks of blue, purple and turquoise.

Not many people do.

Happy days!