Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Good resolutions are like babies crying in church.

They should be carried out immediately.

Thanks to Charles M Sheldon, minister, for this (dubious) quote. (Babies should be welcomed in church.)

I'm not at all bad about carrying out good resolutions immediately. Less good at sustaining them - but the way I look at it is, even if one only does something for a few days or weeks, at least that effort has been put in and will never be wasted. Better than doing nothing, ever.

So yesterday, after my non-existent To Do List for furthering my writing, caused by panic masking as brain fog...

I made a resolution to take five small steps each day to move out of the shadows.

1. E-mailed a healthfood company promoting my copywriting.
2. Sent off a script to a director
3. Set about re-designing my business card.
4. Pitched scripts and writing services to an animation company.
5. Pitched scripts and writing services to another animation company

It wasn't such a great mountain to climb, and...