Wednesday, 10 April 2013

And to those who believe that adventures are dangerous I say try routine: it kills you far more quickly.

Paul Coelho said this. Do I agree with him? Not entirely.

 The jury's still out.

The fact of the matter is that I LIKE routine - but I also like adventure. For me it goes like this. My morning schedule gives my day structure, makes me feel safe and comfortable and THEN I'm in a position to go for broke, take risks, interrupt the predictable, rocket out of my comfort zone.

The danger is, as I've found out sometimes to my cost, that when my routine is disrupted SO AM I - not always, but sometimes.

My morning schedule is very precise, but I'm not alone! When I'm driving to the yard, I see the same lorry, going in the opposite direction. We pass each other at almost exactly the same place at almost exactly the same time. Then, I overtake a man in a fluorescent jacket walking his Staffordshire bull terrier. If he's before Perryman's Lane, I know I'm a little earlier than usual...or he's a little late.

It's like clockwork, that part of my life. It feels good. I don't think it kills me, I think it supports me.

If Lorry Man or Dog Walker isn't there, there's a bit of a gap for me. Just for a moment.

I wonder if it's the same for them?