Monday, 22 April 2013

Shod with wings is the horse of him who rides on a spring day the road that leads to home.

Bai Juyi said this, rather beautifully if I might be so bold as to mention.

It's been the most wonderful week, but now it's time to go home. Home, where my thought's escaping, home where my music's playing, home where my dog lies waiting silently for me...and my horses.

The last day was limbo-like. Not as in bent backwards dancing under very low poles but as in being neither here nor there - wanting it to last but thoughts straying inexorably towards England.

Determined not to waste a single moment of sunshine but thinking I really should be packing.

Not much looking forward to the goodbyes...and hoping the return journey will be a whole lot better than the outward one. (The first part will be because Laurie and Irene are on the same flight!)

The happiest of times for me with my boys and their girls...a time I'll cherish forever.

I shall meet passport control, Miami Airport, with a serene smile on my face...well, at least for the first two hours in the queue!