Saturday, 23 March 2013

One day you stepped in snow, the next in mud...

 water soaked in your boots and froze them at night, it was the next worst thing to pure blizzardry, it was weather that wouldn't let you settle.― E.L.Doctorow, Welcome to Hard Times

What IS it with this weather at the moment? Come ON, it's nearly the end of March.

This morning, on the forest with Alfie, Serena and Ripple, it rained...then it snowed...then it sleeted...and the wind blew...

It was not too pleasant. I dared to say this when I came in, fingers frozen to the bone - and Peter said, tartly, 'Well, it's not obligatory to go for a ride.' Fair point, but...(insert own thoughts here)

So here's a song to cheer us up:

Even if it IS meant to be spring.