Sunday, 10 March 2013

Fear doesn't shut you down, it wakes you up

Veronica Roth. Hasn't been skiing down Mont Gele, Verbier, then.

Maybe, maybe, she is HALF right though...another person!

Seriously treacherous black run today, due to navigational error - and yes, I KNOW I'm prone to exaggerate but this time I'm not.

At the time, in survival mode, remarkably calm even when stuck on a terrifyingly steep slope with one ski pointing one way horizontally across the slope and the other in the opposite direction I was very much awake.

Further down, on desperate moguls, fear DID shut my brain down. It made my brain believe that I couldn't POSSIBLY turn, ever again. NEVER.

But I made it. Didn't cry. Kept smiling. Mostly.

Now, the silly things I did today.

First, when queuing for ski lifts, on a number of occasions I was convinced some impatient oik behind me had his skis on top of mine. Why else was I unable to move forward? I turned round to glare in my best withering way, only to discover my skis were crossed at the back.

Second, my mobile phone went when I was on the bus back from the slopes. I answered it. I couldn't hear what David was saying at all. I still had my ski helmet on.