Wednesday, 13 March 2013

"The grand bloody panjandrum of the painfully bleeding obvious"

A quote from Charlie Fletcher's book, Silvertongue.

And my little pet name for Peter today.

SO...another epic day. The run (RUN?) we went down was described as two things "the most beautiful itinerary in Verbier" and "a long and pleasant challenge through the trees."


Maybe, yes, if it hadn't been a) icy b) steep c) mostly moguls d) very poor visibility. Quadruple whammy.

It was another KILLER but one of those I was proud to get down. Rather like the slogan on my marathon shirt...there will be days when you think you could never run a marathon and a lifetime of knowing you have.

And as for the grand bloody panjandrum of the painfully bleeding obvious...after one of my more spectacular falls, when I ended up yet again with skis pointing horizontally in opposite directions, Peter helpfully shouted up to me, "You need to get both your skis pointing the same way."

REALLY, Peter? I hadn't thought of that.