Saturday, 1 December 2012

Happy is she who still loves something she loved in the nursery.

She has not been broken in two by time; she is not two women, but one, and she has saved not only her soul but her life.

(With thanks to G.K Chesterton - almost - because I subsituted female for male pronouns)

by Roxanne Ross
 I woke up excited today! It's December 1st and I have my very own Advent calendar!

Here it is:

None of your chocolate-filled commercial extravagance - took me a while to find this one.

And the picture behind the first little door IS...

...a christmas stocking.

Now, Mr. Tesco, since it's December, I can go into your shop without being grumpy about the Christmas tree and the signs saying 'Merry Christmas to all our customers'...which have been there since the end of October...