Wednesday, 12 December 2012

“The best cure for an off day is a day off”

says Frank Tyger, editorial cartoonist, columnist and humorist for the Trenton Times (New Jersey)

and says Caroline Coxon, as well.

It's actually quite hard to take a day off if you work from home - all you people who think working from home is mostly spent, well...NOT working. Swanning about, as Peter describes it. (He has a REAL job, remember?)

My work is always in my face. It's why I end up very often slogging away in the evenings and at weekends...

So - yesterday was my Big Day Out in London with my school friends

I was really looking forward to it but my Work Ethic Demon was sitting on my shoulder saying 'You haven't got the time. You should be getting on with things. You'll only regret it."

Excuse me, Work Ethic Demon. I DON'T REGRET IT!

I didn't think about work. I had a wonderful time. I got back late but I slept very well.

So there!

Today, I feel as though I've had a fortnight's holiday.

Note to self: Must do more often.