Wednesday, 26 December 2012

They know me so well family.

What perfect presents I received for Christmas! Too many to mention - lucky me, but here are the highlights (in no particular order)

A 'Grow Your Own Anfield Pitch' from Jamie and Breanna, for Mum, the Liverpool supporter from childhood, with three sons and a husband who are not the slightest bit interested in football!

Nigel Slater's Kitchen Diaries II from Tim - for Mum the meal-preparer who idolises Nigel Slater and his food philosophy and covets his kitchen. (This book is FAR too beautiful to risk greasy fingerprints and getting splattered with food!)

A Little Miss Sunshine Wallet from Laurie and Irene, for Mum, who DOES try to spread sunshine and this made me smile until my cheeks ached.

 A beautiful hare print from David and Gilly, for me whose daemon is a hare.

This autobiography from Pete, for me, the writer who adores Jeanette Winterson and finds daily inspiration from her way of being.

And, of course, lots of horsey presents for me the horse-rider...

I feel so blessed and cherished and understood. So much THOUGHT went into these gifts.