Thursday, 17 May 2012

You'll never walk alone...

I do believe Alfie might be a Liverpool fan.

I am, for sure, although I hardly dare to mention that at the moment after the woeful season we've just had and the sacking of King Kenny. Sob.

I've been a Liverpool fan ever since, as an impressionable young thing, I fell in love with Steve Heighway. (He had such a lovely Sundance Kid moustache and seemed so much more accessible than Robert Redford)

For that reason, I went to Liverpool University. And here's you thinking it was because the English and Philosophy Joint Honours course was academically outstanding. It might have been - in fact, it WAS - but that's not why I went there.

Anyway - back to Alfie. Lately, he's been very nervous out on the road. Jumpy. Spooky. Sometimes scary. I've been keeping very calm about it all because the very worst thing for him would be to feel that I was nervous.

Tessa suggested I sing a song as I was going along and that the calming vibes would transmit themselves through to Alfie. I think she might have meant sing a song in my head.


You'll Never Walk Alone about fifty times over seemed to do the trick.

I'm not quite sure what the good residents of High Hurstwood thought as we went by.

They didn't say. They just looked.