Saturday, 17 September 2011

Wherever the fates lead us let us follow.

Alfie De Horse has been studying Virgil again.

In group lessons, he simply WON'T take the lead. Yesterday, my lungs were sore. Not from shouting but from gasping for air so violently while making such tremendous efforts to get him out from behind Milton.  (Not Milton the poet, but Milton the horse)

Alfie can be very stubborn and very strong. And he has no nerve-endings. I'm not comfortable with kicking him or thwacking him with a riding crop, but I might as well be a mosquito on a rhinoceros for all the impression I make.

How much am I like my horse, though?

Pretty stubborn, yes.
I think I'd notice if you kicked me or thwacked me.
Do I resist being in front?
Do you know what?...I'm having to think about that one.
In a work context, I'm happy to lead. Socially...forget it.

Meanwhile, I'm enlisting some help with Alfie...