Thursday, 22 September 2011

What's in a name? Especially when it belongs to a woman.

 The other day I made an interesting discovery. Well, it MIGHT be interesting - that's if it's true. I was searching for information about charging realistic rates as a freelance writer (yes, I DO undercharge...) and came across an excellent article about this very subject on a website for a company called Men With Pens.

Men With Pens? "What a sexist name! Who in their right minds would want to avail themselves of the services of such a company?" I thought. A little research revealed that the CEO is someone called (actually NOT called, it transpired) James Chartrand. A little more research revealed that James Chartrand is in fact, the pseudonym of...


She changed her name and then her business began to take off in a big way, in a way it never had when she was calling herself by her own woman's name. Go figure, as they say in the US of A and possibly elsewhere as well.

Perhaps I should change my name then?
I found a site which generates pen names...How does Claude Herkenratt sound to you? No, don't answer that. Or what about an anagram of Caroline Coxon? Colin Croonaxe?

Well, it worked for the Bronte sisters in the 1840s. It worked for whoever James Chartrand might be...

Hmmmmmmm. I'm caught in the horns of a dilemma now.

Read all about James Chartrand HERE (as long as you promise to come back)