Monday, 12 September 2011

Men are from Mars...

Here we are, the happy couple, though why we felt the need to move the settee into the garden is quite beyond me. And I don't know how many times I've told Laurie that it's Very Naughty to shoot arrows at the neighbour's cat and there's no point in cowering behind that bush...

The difference between Man and Woman in our household is amply illustrated by our attitude to cars.

Here is Olive Oyl, my beloved old dear.

The fact that I call her Olive Oyl is part of me being Woman, he being Man. To him, it (not she) is LAND ROVER FREELANDER SWB BRITISH RACING GREEN 4X4 UTILITY REV WEIGHT 2040 KG GROSS 1796 CC PETROL. 

Me, I prefer the name Olive Oyl. She responds to it.

Olive had a squeaky clutch pedal.

My thoughts: Sweet! It's a comforting her a bit of character...makes me smile.

His thoughts: Impending disaster! Two bits of metal graunching against each other...something will wear out very soon... I must get out the WD-40 immediately to stop it...I can't drive this vehicle with that noise going on...why has She not noticed?

I HAD noticed...and I LIKED it.

Olive Oyl no longer has a squeaky clutch pedal.