Friday, 29 July 2011

“The more you let yourself be distracted from where you are going, the more you are the person that you are.

"...It's not so much like getting lost as it is like getting found.”

Courtesy of William Stafford, American poet and pacifist.

Drawing courtesy of Mindfulness In Education.

This week has been a mare of a week from a distraction point of view. And that expression is an insult to mares everywhere.

I seem incapable of getting on with my writing if the gap between appointments and Things That Must Be Done is too small.

I get into a flap...

...and achieve nothing.

BUT - I have met some great people who may open doors for me to achieve more as a writer.

I was going to say "networking is so important." But what a horrible, HORRIBLE buzzword networking is.


That's a lot more like it!