Wednesday, 20 July 2011

And God took a handful of southerly wind, blew his breath upon it, and created the horse.

...according to Bedouin legend. Perhaps I was a Beduoin in an earlier life?

I'm hoping Poppy and Alfie aren't online today because I don't want them to read this and get big-headed.

They are BOTH going very well at the moment. (Ssssssh. Pretend I didn't say that)

For a change they're forward-going. This doesn't mean they usually go backwards. It means that they are enthusiastic and lively and I don't need oxygen after about five minutes of trying to get them to move.

For a change, and for Alfie, for the first time EVER, they are collecting beautifully. This doesn't mean they've taken up jobs as dustbin horses but that they use their back ends to drive forwards instead of pulling themselves along with their front legs.

"The horse draws the body in upon itself so that it becomes like a giant spring whose stored energy can be reclaimed for fighting or running from a predator."

And I am in heaven.

I tell you, there is NOTHING as good as the feeling of being in perfect harmony with a horse.

It's even better than the times when writing just flows.

But that's pretty good too.