Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Little things please little minds

Strangely enough, thinking that brought to mind baby shoes. I think baby shoes are adorable. I wish I'd kept my children's...

...which weren't quite as small or pretty pink and white as that. (Think of the shame, boys!)

My little thoughts are in fact nothing to do with shoes, but are to do with pigeons. I can't create a slick link, so I won't even try.

Last night, I was driving to running club and I stopped at a set of traffic lights at the top of Uckfield.

A pigeon fluttered down and landed carefully on the bonnet of my car, then wrapped her claws round the windscreen wiper.

The lights turned green. I set off carefully.

The pigeon stayed where she was, nodding politely at me through the windscreen. At the next set of traffic lights, at the other end of town, she flew away to join all her pigeon friends, roosting above Peacocks (the shop, not the birds)

It made my day!

So pigeons hitch lifts on boats too.

They are clever creatures. I can't help admiring them.