Sunday, 5 June 2011

Things I didn't do and things I did do.

So - yesterday, despite working all day, I DIDN'T manage to finish the painting...

I DIDN'T outline my screenplay (blame listening to the Derby then the abysmal football on the radio)

I DID cause fate to put two fingers up at me.

Here's what happened.

I have a Netbook, a cheap little Advent, which has been my faithful friend for three years or more. Not spectacular or cool but perfectly functional.

I said to Peter, 'Isn't my Netbook remarkable? All this time and never a problem!'

Less than five minutes later - I mean SERIOUSLY, I am NOT exaggerating - the power supply blew up!

Today, I DIDN'T win the show-jumping but I DID triumph, in a way.

Alfie was very anxious because of the horse boxes parked at the top of the field. First he was frozen to the spot, then, when Emma led me and him towards them to get used to them, he reared vertically and wheeled round on his back legs. Then we did a very fast and erratic clear round with the help of a team (another horse and three people!)

THEN, we decided to do it all again and this time Alfie refused a jump and leapt sideways and I came flying off. Ouch!

The triumph was...I was really petrified, by this time, but when they'd managed to catch Alfie again - he was galloping round the field - I got back on and finished the round.

NOW I'm going to finish the painting.