Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Run like hell and get the agony over with.

Clarence De Mar, American marathon runner said this.

So - last night was the first meeting of the Beginners' Running Club. I count myself as a beginner because the last time I ran was in 1985.

I mean, I've run for buses and away from swarms of wasps since then but not RUN, as in for exercise.

In 1985, I took up running as a way of creating an identity for me. I had three very young children and I felt as though I, myself, had disappeared, however much I completely adored the children and still do.

I trained very early in the mornings before Peter went to work and ended up running two half marathons and one whole one.



Cath and I ran together last night. To our utter amazement, we ran about a mile, up hill and down, hardly walking at all and it was not that difficult.

We were gobsmacked too, and not a little proud of our ageing bodies.