Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Scarecrow, scarecrow, How scary can you be?

 You scared Poppy 
But you didn't scare me.

Yes, it's scarecrow season in High Hurstwood again. Two weeks before the village fete they appear. 

They don't scare any crows as far as I'm aware, but they TERRIFY the horses. This year's theme is evidently musical.

Poppy was doing very well, really, until she met the following, all bunched together:

1) Several wheelie bins

These, if you didn't know it, are scary monsters with gaping mouths. (Nothing to do with scarecrows, but she hates them)

2) The Phantom of the Opera in a hedge

3) The Black Eyed Peas sitting on a bench - looking like peas with black eyes, if you must know

AND 4) A septic tank truck

THIS monster actually ROARS and has a SNAKE coming out of it.

Poor Poppy!

Poor Caroline.

I'm too young to die.