Friday, 11 November 2011

Words are the voice of the heart

...Confucius said.

I wish...

Sometimes, most times, if that doesn't sound too cynical, I think words are used as a clever strategy to hide the voice of the heart.

When I'm writing factual website content for educational purposes I'm sure that's a good idea! (Quite often I'm pulled up for my hyperbole...that IS from my heart when describing something I'm passionate about, but not necessarily appropriate.)

But with my creative writing? Now, that's a different matter.

First, find your voice. Not the voice that resides in your larynx but the one in your heart.

When I'm writing, often I'm struggling. The words that get written down must surely reflect that, forced as they are out of my being after a lengthy grapple?

This weekend, I'm attending a course in London, given by Meg Rosoff - she of There is no dog fame. You know, the writer I'd kill to be half as good as (and with poor grammar like that I've a long way to go!)

The course is called 'Finding A Voice.'

My belief is that when I find my voice, people will be able to hear it.

And when people can hear it it will slide through their brains and go straight to their hearts.