Sunday, 20 November 2011

Glass half full?

Yesterday, Seth Godin's always thought-provoking blog was on the subject Optimistic enthusiasm as a form of realism

It reminded me of me. It made me feel BETTER about being an optimist in the face of lots of people thinking I'm at best, a dizzy dreamer, at worst, delusional.

Seth Godin's blog applies to organisations but it could just as well apply to individuals.


If you are "both pessimistic and operationally focused, then every new idea is a threat. It represents more work, something that could go wrong, a chance for disaster."

On the other hand (amended quote) if you are someone who shakes things up and generates life-changing material, you just might discover that the outcomes you are dreaming of are in fact what happen.

or perhaps, the more cautious...

So I'll carry on being a dizzy dreamer, delusional,  ME, then!