Monday, 14 November 2011

"She was always sort of muddle-headed..."

"...thinking she'd made appointments when she didn't and things like that. But, gee, I never thought she'd really flip her lid."

I don't want to scare you on a Monday morning, but that was from Hitchcock. To be honest, quotes about being muddle-headed are few and far between.

Great image though!

The Muddle-Headed Wombat with thanks to Ann for suggesting it.
Yes, describe yourself in one word - a task on my writing course. Muddle-headed was what came to my mind instantly. Then I wished I'd said something different or was a more competent liar when we were asked to state that word (well, two, in my case) to the rest of the group..

Meg said she would be disturbed if I used the description 'muddle-headed' in a negative way. Of COURSE I did. I'm British, right.

You see, the thoughts in my mind tumble over each other, barge each other with sharp elbows, trip each other up in the rush to be first out of my mouth or my fingertips. Mop and bucket required to clean up the mess. Not the best thing for a writer...


I've always tried to tame my mind. Result: I write stuff that isn't truly me; it allows the unfortunate reader little glimpses of my voice and then - SLAM - the lid goes down on the dustbin. (There I go again. I could at least have described my mind as a bejewelled treasure chest, couldn't I?)

I think Meg's description of the mind as a colander is about right.

I'm writing the British edition as we speak.

In my own sweet muddle-headed way.