Monday, 7 November 2011

The human body is the best picture of the human soul.

Wittgenstein. My favourite philosopher.

 Don't you think it's rather classy to have a favourite philosopher? Either that or pretentious. (Hardly pretentious, because the reason he's my favourite is due to his love of deckchairs.)

The story I was told at university that stuck in my memory - trivia being MUCH more useful than philosophical thoughts - was that, as a don at Cambridge, he would give his students unopened deckchairs when they arrived to be tutored. Their struggle to set up these deckchairs in order to have somewhere to sit was a neat way of asserting his authority over them from the very start.

I've often thought how effective this practice might be in job interviews and similar.

Your Monday morning bit of Useless Information - now back to the human body being the best picture of the human soul...

No car...what is a girl to do to get up to the yard to see to the horses?

The answer - jog across the fields with Roly the dog.

 Here are those very fields a year or so ago when Quink and Moose were still alive - happy days. That's me and my boy Tim. The yard is at the top of the hill you can see in the distance.

It was NEARLY light when we set off. It was ALMOST not raining. It was such good fun. Great training for the Tromsø half-marathon. Roly rather held me back. When I'm jogging I don't feel the need to sniff around every tree trunk or plunge into the River Uck for an early morning dip.

It took 45 minutes. I arrived feeling refreshed and raring to go, fed and turned out all the horses then rode Alfie for 30 minutes. Roly and I did get a lift home though.

Happy Monday everyone!