Wednesday, 28 December 2011

There are easier things to do than writing. Nailing jelly to a tree, for example.

English - American picture dictionary coming up:

 English - jelly

American - Jello 

English - jam

American - jelly 

(You can see where my confusion lay with talk of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Are they INSANE?)

Anyway - I'm talking about writing (sometimes) being like nailing (English) jelly to a tree.

Although it wouldn't be that easy to nail jam to a tree either. Those jars can be incredibly tough.

And then I castigate myself. There are MUCH worse jobs than writing.

I could be a Hazmat Diver - listed as the worst job ever.
"They swim in sewage. Enough said," quips Popular Science of hazmat divers. And we mean sewage. One diver really had it bad. When a truck driver crashed, his truck tumbled into a lagoon at a factory pig farm. He drowned. So a hazmat diver had to go in and pull the body out of a waste lagoon filled with urine, liquid pig faeces and needles.

Wait a minute...That's not so far removed from me struggling to extract words from my brain...