Saturday, 24 December 2011

And now for something completely different.

Yeah, yeah. You were expecting sloppy Christmas wishes, weren't you?

I was searching for something more unusual and here's what I found:

An image entitled Last Christmas, I gave you my heart.

Yes, the title comes from a Christmas song by George Michael which positively OOZES sentimentality (George is probably oozing as we speak and all I can say is - get well soon from the pneumonia.)

The image...doesn't ooze (except for the blood) and is by the artist Kasia Jackowska  Somehow, I like this painting a lot, in my dark and weird way of liking things dark and weird. I certainly prefer it to the song.

Here's something weird but not dark I won't be doing tomorrow:

 ...plunging into the sea in Brighton for the annual Christmas swim. But it's suddenly become an ambition of mine. Something to go on my bucket list. Maybe next year?

Have an unusual Christmas!