Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Murphy's Law...

 The first horse I loaned was called Murphy - a beautiful, gentle Irish Draught cross - so I do feel that the term Murphy's Law, 'Anything thats can go wrong, will go wrong,' is a bit of an insult to his memory.

Here he is. Here we are. (No, that's not Alfie)

Happy days. Until he had to be put to sleep some five years ago with debilitating arthritis.

Murphy's Law apparently came from the following incident, although this might be apocryphal.

"There was a Captain Edward A. Murphy, Jr., who worked on the effects of acceleration on humans who were riding rocket sleds at Wright Field Aircraft Laboratory shortly after the Second World War. Setting up the sensors for measuring physical effects, he managed to connect them all backwards. That supposedly inspired Major John Paul Stapp, one of the people riding the sleds, to name the phenomenon Murphy's Law."
Anyway, Murphy's Law seems to pursue me at the moment. The perceived perversity of the universe. Fate laughs in my face and says 'Pah!'

Today, the farrier was due to shoe Alfie and Poppy. I needed cash for him. Last night, I was very tired driving back from Brighton, but resolved to take a slight detour via an ATM, saving an extra journey out this morning, saving time and, YES,  saving money on petrol.

Enter Fate. I was on an unfamiliar route, came off a roundabout from a road with a 60 m.p.h. limit and was immediately zapped by a speed trap camera because the limit was suddenly 30 m.p.h. Which will cost me...I don't know quite what - perhaps £75 - and 3 points on my licence if I don't attend a special course teaching me how to be a Good Girl.


Oh, Day 6 advent image:

Believe me, I don't feel very sweet at the moment.