Sunday, 4 December 2011

HAWT is an anagram of WHAT?...

First - Day 4 of your own special, effort-free advent calendar.

You don't even have to open a door.

 Yesterday, I was reading some reviews of Just In Case. That was interesting in itself, to see the outrage it engendered amongst some people, for the very reasons I loved it. I'm plainly godless, blasphemous and have a mind that lurks in the gutter.

(Now you'll REALLY want to rush out to buy the book)

Not that the reviews were all negative, by any means. Most of them were stunning. One made me rush to Google because I came across the word HAWT.

Here it is:
"this book was amazingg!!! i loved it.. justin haveing sex with Agnes and him having dreams of it was HAWT!"

WHAT? (see - an anagram) Ah yes, HAWT. Acronym for Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine.

WHAT? An interesting analogy which somehow escapes me. It must be my age.

Then there was another definition of HAWT in the trusty (sometimes) Urban Dictionary:

"How annoying 13-year old teenyboppers spell 'hot'"

 Silly me... (the above was possibly the most acceptable Google image for the word HAWT)

You will NOT find me using the word HAWT at every opportunity.

Getting down with the kids is so, like, cringeworthy.